[RC5] Performance running rc5des388 on Linux

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Jan 22 22:08:24 EST 1998

William M. Perkins (bill at grnwood.richmond.us.net) wrote:

> The rc5des388-mt version on a 166 MHz Pentium MMX running RedHat
> Linux 5.0 and using the 2.0.33 kernel.  The rc5des381-mt version
> was giving me a rate of 680,000 keys/sec while the new rc5des388-mt
> version only runs at rate 42,000 keys/sec.

I'm running the 388 Linux-mt client on a P5-120 (no MMX) and a 486/66,
and I've seen slight speed increases on both systems.

If your keyrate dropped to under a tenth of its former speed, I suspect
that there's something else running on your system which is consuming
CPU cycles.  Perhaps you have a runaway (Netscape?) process.  Use 'top'
to see what's running.

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