[RC5] Mac DES Client(s)

Paul Kapp plkapp at erols.com
Thu Jan 22 23:10:20 EST 1998

Although I run Deschall at times (1000+ kkeys/sec) as part of my
contribution to the effort, I'd like to put in my own $.02 about the Mac
RC5-DES client status (or lack thereof), and the importance of certain
selected sub-topics.

* Lack of stats (for Deschall clients):
Some people gripe about this, but it seems that more people are offering 
as justification for OTHER people waiting for a true RC5-DES client,
instead of running Deschall. It is a little disappointing to me to run 
Deschall, and not see stats for me. I believe that I have processed a few
dozen 2^30 blocks, but have no way of confirming this by checking the 
listing. Today's (23 Jan) stats show over 272000 blocks attributed to
"Unknown" OS and "Unknown" CPU. I believe it's safe to presume that nearly
all of these are attributable to the various flavors of Deschall clients.
I'd also presume that a majority of these are from Mac-Deschall clients.
Compound this with the fact that the Deschall clients have only been
available for a few days, the "Unknowns" are doing a hell of a job.

* Core optimizations:
If I could have run something since day #1, I would. Even if it meant only
crawling at a rate comparable to a 386. Even though I only started helping
out on RC5-64 a few weeks ago, I have seen fairly rapid revision updates 
the clients.  It seems that no matter how fast a client is (on ANY
platform), a week or so later, an updated version is available that gives
some performance boost. I don't really buy into the argument that a
significantly slower initial release would drive people back to RC5. There
are probably people exclusively running RC5 just so they can pass the
DES-distracted folks on the "leader board". The relative speed of the DES
client wouldn't change much of anything.

* My "Real" reasons to prefer a RC5-DES client to Deschall
*** Key Block Bufferring - so I don't have to be online to contribute
*** Safe suspend/resume - I've already lost a few partial blocks (2^30) 
to network/system glitches. Even if I want to quit, I still feel compelled
to let Deschall finish the current block. Yeah, I know that any 
blocks will be retried, if necessary, but it's the principle of the 
*** Ability to fine-tune OS scheduling parameters without having to
stop/restart the client (assuming similar options as RC5-64 client)

I'm glad that there is now a MkLinux 2.7 client, and I am encouraged by 
word that the MacOS client is coming soon. Until then, I'll be booting 
MkLinux (for obvious reasons). Keep on cracking!

Paul Kapp
plkapp at erols.com

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