[RC5] Win32 GUI build 388 - puzzling speed change

Brian Morrison BDM at symbionics.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 14:02:45 EST 1998

I have been running build 388 of the Win 32 GUI client since yesterday.

I have just been looking at the log and see that the typical key rate is
between 372000 keys/sec and 376000 keys/sec, and has been with the
machine idle and left running overnight.

I noted today that there was one 3*2^28 block processed. This one went
by at 411000 keys/sec.

Why the difference? I checked the reported times and number of keys, and
checked that the client is displaying the rate correctly in each case.
So why do 3*2^28 blocks seem to go 10% faster?


Brian Morrison                                   bdm at symbionics.co.uk

Symbionics Ltd, Jeffreys Bldg,                    Tel +44-1223-421025
Cowley Rd, Cambridge CB4 4WS                      Fax +44-1223-421031


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