[RC5] Linux 388 client slower on P-II's

Jo Holvoet Jo.Holvoet at barclab.com
Fri Jan 23 09:23:22 EST 1998

Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if it's just my machine or not, but it appears that build
> 388's DES core is slightly slower on my Pentium II than build 383 was.
> I'm using the Linux multithreaded client under Linux 2.0.30 (RedHat 4.2).
> I get around 1.34Mkey/sec with build 383, vs. 1.28Mkey/sec with build 388.
> Is it just me?  From what was reported here before, build 388 was supposed
> to be faster on PPro's, so one would expect Pentium-II's (which are just
> slightly different from PPro's) would also be faster.
> Thoughts?
> --Joe
I'm seeing the same thing on a PPro (not P II), 200 MHz, running
RHLinux 4.2 (kernel 2.0.32).

With build 383, I got 912 kkeys/sec max but also the occasional
coredump; build 388 only reaches 857 kkeys/sec but I also haven't
seen any more coredumps (both of these were the mt clients).

Jo Holvoet
Jo.Holvoet at barclab.com

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