[RC5] re: [RC5} Shrinker error?

Kevin J. Rice ricek at emu.arinet.com
Fri Jan 23 11:04:30 EST 1998

>I tried running the new Win 95 gui client on a Pentium 120 and all I 
>get is the following error:
>(3.20) C:\RC5-DES\RC5DESGUI.EXE: Dispatcher initialisation error 11
>I get a message box with that message in it and it also creates a file 
>called shrinker.err which contains a line with that message for each 
>time I've run it.  Looks like a log file of sorts.
>Any ideas?
>Dennis Breen
I've been gettign this same error on my Cyrix 166+ PC with build 388 of
the Win32GUI RC5/DES cleinet.  It works fine on my 486 at work! (In 
fact,  the hidden client got about 80-90 k/sec, with the gui clietn I'm 
up to about 120k/sec!!)  In the #distributed channel on IRC (formerly 
the #RC5 channel) they seem to be aware of the problem, but didn't have 
any solutions.   If anyone knows what's goin on, let me know!!   I 
*HATE* the hidden client....  I like having that little cow (now a 
butterfy) in the system try so I know it's running!

Kevin J. Rice
dragon at execpc.com

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