[RC5] TIP/TRICK for NT dual proc machines

Brandeburg, Jesse jesse_brandeburg at mail.intel.com
Fri Jan 23 09:33:41 EST 1998

Cool trick for dual procs running NT 4 or 3.51.

Since there isn't a multithreaded client service for NT, and I have to
log out every night, I was looking for a way to start the rc5des.exe
(388) in the background. Well, NT has this Scheduler service that you
can use to start jobs in the background. And the jobs stay running with
users logging in and out!

This works in place of the RC5DESRV.exe but does the same thing. Of
course, you will have to manually restart the jobs if the machine is

So what I did was create two directories, call em rc51 and rc52.
Run rc5des -config and set up both directories to use 1 cpu, and set up
a log file in the respective directories, and of couse, set up your
network configuration.

Go to control panel - Services and start the Schedule service. 
Then at the command line do something like:
 AT 9:15 "C:\RC51\RC5DES.EXE"
 AT 9:15 "C:\RC52\RC5DES.EXE"
This is of course assuming its 9:14 :-), and that you have
administrative permissions on your machine.

This will start up two background processes (check for them using
taskmgr.exe) that should be distributing themselves 1 on each processor.
You can check they are working by looking at the log file you
configured, and you can stop them gracefully by creating an EXITRC5.NOW
file in each of the processes directories.

This would also apply to more than two processors, should you have one
of those laying around not being used. :-) You would just have to create
an extra dir, and start an extra at job for each extra processor.

For you UNIX fans, the AT service works just like good ol' CRON. 

Good luck

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