[RC5] Prize Money Distribution for DES-II and beyond

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Fri Jan 23 14:46:39 EST 1998

The framework for the "voting system" is now in place.  Although this has
been covered in detail on the list before, here's a quick run-down of how
things will work.  This will be the mechanism we use to determine the 
recipients of the prize money for the DES-II challenge as well as the RC5

First, and most importantly, we've decided to alter the way the money is
divided.  We've expanded the payoff some, such that the winning individual
AND his or her team will receive some money.  Judging from the comments 
I've received in personal email, I think that this decision has almost 
universal support.

Secondly, we at distributed.net no longer feel comfortable arbitrarily
choosing a non-profit to receive the bulk of the prize money.  Instead,
we're leaving that decision up to you.  Each individual participant in
the contest will be allowed to vote from a list of non-profits that they
would like to see the money sent to.  Each person will receive one vote
per block submitted, so those with the most invested will have the most 
influence on the outcome.  That non-profit which receives the most votes
will receive 60% of the total prize money.

The breakdown will be as follows:

       Non-Profit which receives the most votes: 60%
       Individual who finds the solution:        10%
       That individual's Team:                   10%
       Retained by distributed.net:              20%

The only exceptions to this are:

 o If the individual is *not* a member of a team at the time they 
   find the key, they will be presented with the full 20%.

 o DCTI (distributed.net) is listed as one of the non-profits and you
   can vote for distributed.net to receive the 60% share of the prize 
   winnings.  If distributed.net is selected as the winner, the 20% 
   that would normally have been retained by distributed.net will rather
   be given to the second-place, runner-up non-profit.

So -- only two questions remain:


   Simply edit your email information.  The same form that you used to choose
   team now allows you to also select your non-profit vote.  However, it's
   important to note that the selection works slightly differently.  Whereas 
   with team selection, if you change your mind your old blocks do not follow
   you to the new team, THIS IS NOT THE CASE with non-profit selection.
   The entire weight of your submitted blocks follows you if you later 
   decide to change your vote.


   A new page, http://desstats.distributed.net/money.html is not available
   and shows the current voting tally.  Note that this page is only 
   recalculated once daily, as a component of the stats update so do not
   expect to see your non-profit selection immediately apply.


I will gladly entertain submissions for additional non-profits to be listed.

This is the first *real* typing I've done on my new Microsoft Natural 
Keyboard, so please excuse any typos I may have missed.
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