[RC5] Dispatcher Error

Zhiwen Chong wen at online.po.my
Sat Jan 24 12:12:00 EST 1998

Just a bit here,

I was previous using the RC5-Win32-GUI client, and I recently downloaded
the RC5DES-Win32-GUI client. I deleted everything in my old RC5
directory EXCEPT the in and out buffers and the log. Then I expanded the
RC5DES client into the directory. But everytime I run it, I get an error

This message appears in my SHRINKER.ERR.
(3.20) C:\RC5\RC5DESGUI.EXE: Dispatcher initialisation error 15

Have I blundered somewhere?

Any advice welcome.

Zhiwen Chong
wen at online.po.my
 * QMPro 1.53 * OnLine Malaysia - where DOS experts are.

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