[RC5] Dispatcher Error

Jeffrey A. Lawson jlawson at orion.ac.hmc.edu
Sun Jan 25 02:57:50 EST 1998

> I was previous using the RC5-Win32-GUI client, and I recently downloaded
> the RC5DES-Win32-GUI client. I deleted everything in my old RC5
> directory EXCEPT the in and out buffers and the log. Then I expanded the
> RC5DES client into the directory. But everytime I run it, I get an error
> message.
> This message appears in my SHRINKER.ERR.
> (3.20) C:\RC5\RC5DESGUI.EXE: Dispatcher initialisation error 15

This is not a user error, but an indication of something incompatible
with your system.  Shrinker is an exe processing utility that I have
run the most recent Win32 GUI through to reduce the size of the
distributed exe.  So far only two messages have indicated any problems
with this procedure.  Perhaps you are running a low-level system
interfacing program (such as a virus scanner, or a memory doubler, or
similar) that might be interfering?  Try disabling various such
programs if you can and see if that helps.  Please report your
findings privately to me and I will see if the problem can be
resolved.  If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact me also
and I can send you a non-shrinker'ed version of the exe.

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