[RC5] Re: Blocks

Anssi Saari as at cs.tut.fi
Sun Jan 25 00:28:23 EST 1998

In article <199801232309.SAA07003 at chipsworld.llamas.net>,
David McNett <nugget at slacker.com> wrote:
:>On 23-Jan-1998, Shawn Cox wrote:
:>> As far as stats and prize voting go, what is the definition of a 
:>> I get the same number of votes for a 2^28 block as I do for a 2^30 
:>As far as the stats are concerned, a "block" is a single 2**28 block.  
:>If you turn in a 2**30 block, you are actually credited for 4 "blocks"
:>in the stats database.
:>Hopefully, that is sufficiently confusing to everyone.  :)

Well, yes, it confuses me all right. Since a 2**30 block results in
2**31 blocks checked, shouldn't one get credited for 8 2**28 blocks?

Anssi Saari - as at cs.tut.fi

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