[RC5] Running DES client on dual-booting machine

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at uuscss.cs.su.oz.au
Sun Jan 25 12:21:40 EST 1998

I dual boot my computer between win95 and linux, and run the DES client
on both. I share the buff-in and buff-out files using symbolic links on
the linux sie, but everytime I change OS, I get the message:

Read partial DES blcok from another cpu/os/build
Marking entire block as unchecked

This seems a large waste of time, especially if I'm 90% of the way
through the DES blocks which take 2 hours to complete. If a block can't
be completed on the other OS, is there a way of marking the block to be
left until I reboot back into the original OS?


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