[RC5] Dispatcher Error

Jeffrey A. Lawson jlawson at orion.ac.hmc.edu
Sun Jan 25 18:56:20 EST 1998

> On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Jeffrey A. Lawson wrote:
> > > This message appears in my SHRINKER.ERR.
> > > (3.20) C:\RC5\RC5DESGUI.EXE: Dispatcher initialisation error 15
> > 
> > This is not a user error, but an indication of something incompatible
> > with your system.  Shrinker is an exe processing utility that I have
> > run the most recent Win32 GUI through to reduce the size of the
> His problem is in in and out files.  He is using the old ones, probably 
> 2.6X, and they are not compatibile with new 2.7x.
> So, my friend, delete also buff.in/out files, after you flush out 
> buff.out and try again...

Incorrect.  The message is generated before the client code actually
begins executing at all.  Presence of old buffer files should not be
causing this problem.

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