[RC5] List Will Be Down... Sort Of

List Dad RC5 at llamas.net
Mon Jan 26 10:40:08 EST 1998

Hello Everybody,

Just a brief note to let you know that I'll be out on business for the 
majority of the day, so I won't be here to approve letters for the list.

Volume has been light lately, so I don't think there will be that many to 
send out when I return.

I'll send out the last batch at about 13:00 (-5:00), and should be back 
at about 21:00.

If anybody's wondering why some of their letter's don't get through... 

     o I try to just pick one or two 'answers' 
       to a single question, and post those
     o Posts that are nothing but negative commentary 
       directed at d.net will be dropped
     o Wisecracks directed at me will *always* be dropped
     o Hardware discussions that have nothing to do with 
       distributed computing issues will be dropped if I'm 
       paying close enough attention. The recent debate 
       about processor temparatures should have been killed
       earlier, and I apologize to those who mentioned this to me.
     o "Me too", "I Agree", etc... dropped

I think you get the general idea. If you're not talking aobut distributed 
computing, or preferably something related to DCTI (ideally, related to 
their clients), it'll get dropped. I'm not being harsh... about 65% of 
the incoming messages are posted, and I always try to give the benefit of 
the doubt.

Happy Cracking!
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