[RC5] Sharing buffers over Win95/DUN

Lorenzo Gonzalez lgonzalez at nazdar.com
Mon Jan 26 11:09:20 EST 1998

>         With the DUN (Dial-Up Networking) (1.2 and later) pack from
>      Microsoft, it is possible for Win95 to tunnel IP through PPP (called
>      PPTP by MS).  I'm not sure if this does you any good, but there it
> is.
>       I don't know if this pack will allow routing from a VPN (Virtual
>      Private Network) to a public network, but it might.  (As you can

No way.  There are several issues involving packet forwarding/spoofing 
DUN doesn't even pretend to handle.  There are 3rd party products that do
this, tho', even for Win95. (Linux's IP Masquerade is the one and only

> What I want to do is have one client run from the buffer files in d:\rc5,
> instead of c:\rc5, where the client is.  This is not as easy as it seems,
> because the machines aren't always connected.  But the slave computer (the

I have a similar situation, with one PC connected to our Winsock Proxy, 
3 PC's not internet connected, but Win95 shared to the one that is (which
has two ethernet cards - you can think of one of them as a dial-up).  I 
CLI on all machines, but as far as I know, the command line options all 
on the GUI too.  Here's what I do:

Each RC5DES dir is connected as a drive letter on my main (connected)
I simply run: rc5des -update from each drive letter, for each machine, 
my connected machine. Yes, you can run 3 or more instances of the client,
all doing just -update, concurrently. So, no fancy command-line options, 
it's all run from a single batch file that kills all the slaves with
exitrc5.now files, waits three seconds, updates their buffers, then it's 
to me to restart all the clients on their respective consoles.

My next project is to write a little keep-alive utility that will
automatically restart the client on each PC, so I can simply schedule the
update to happen compeletely automatically, before I get to work.

Ahh, if only the Win95 TCP/IP stack (in combination with MS Winsock Proxy
Server) were intelligent enough to eliminate all this hassle.  I could 
use a
personal proxy.

Well, it might not be as fun...

Lorenzo - Distributed Jugglers

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