[RC5] Priorities in old vs. new clients

Jason Bechtel jbechtel at eng.utoledo.edu
Mon Jan 26 16:57:54 EST 1998

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Background info:  
I never deleted the old RC564 client and buffers when DES II started.  I
figured, if these blocks actually do contain *the* key then I don't want
to make us have to complete the keyspace and start over just because of
DES.  This way, they'd be there when DES was over and I could just start
using the old client again and no harm would be done.

What I did:
Well, I decided that I didn't want two RC5 directories, so I started up
the old client with -runbuffers while the new RC5DES client was
running.  I figured they'd split the idle time equally.  But using
wintop shows that the old client takes up 80-84% of the cycles while the
new client uses only 10-14% of the cycles.  Both GUIs are listed as Idle
Priority.  The only other processes taking over 1% were VSHWIN32,

Environment and Version data:
I'm running win95a + service pack 1 + a few other updates.  The new
client is the "Windows 95 GUI [2.7006.388]".  The old client is

Can anyone tell me why the new client is "nicer" (weaker)?  Is priority
level 0 (in the client) still equal to niceness level 19?

Jason Bechtel
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