[RC5] Priorities in old vs. new clients [duh]

Jason Bechtel jbechtel at eng.utoledo.edu
Mon Jan 26 17:15:24 EST 1998

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I should really learn to poke around more before submitting to the list
for help.  This can still be a good learning experience though.  I had
forgotten that I had made the old RC564 client run at the "slightly
higher" priority setting of 1.  Since the new client was still at the
default priority setting of 0, it used much less of the CPU's idle
time.  It turned out to be roughly a 1:8 ratio.  When I set them to the
same priority the both hovered between 40 and 60%, so all's well with
the clients.

This is a good way to vary your participation in both projects, though. 
For instance, right now I have the RC564 client running at priority 0
(nicest) because I just want to get rid of the blocks (I don't really
care how long it takes) and I have the RC5DES client at priority 1
(slightly less nice) so that it takes most of the cycles (because DES is
a time-critical effort).  Thus, I can participate in both projects to
varying degrees.  One can see that by adding more clients into the
equation and varying the priorities between zero and one, one can create
many ways to ration cycles between the two projects.

Jason Bechtel

By the way, I feel justified in allowing 10% of my cycles to stay back
in RC564 because I just recruited someone who has two computers here and
a bunch of NT's at home.  :)
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