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Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Mon Jan 26 20:39:00 EST 1998

> Subject:  ?Max Command Line Parameter String Length
> I am using the rc5desd v2.7006.388 and when I use the following command 
> line 
> (in double quotes 1 line) I end up with a ckpoint file name of ckpo. It 
> looks like the command line parameter string is truncated or has exceeded 
> some length? Environment space problems?
> My OS is Win3.1 running the dos des client as a dos window.
> "dos4gw.exe rc5desd.exe -runoffline -l c:\des\logdes.log -in2 
> c:\des\buff-in.des -out2 c:\des\buff-out.des -ckpoint2 c:\des\ckpoint.des"

DOS has a limit of  128 characters for any command sequences.  You 
can move these parameters to another INI file and then use "-ini 
other.ini" to help shorten your command line.

-- Tim

Tim Charron
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tcharron at ctfinance.com

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