[RC5] Deschall and stats

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 26 18:06:55 EST 1998

Dave Kaupp wrote:
>  I think this may have been answered but I'm not sure.
>  Does the Keyspace Exhausted  %
> and the Keyspace completed yesterday include the work done
> with the DESchall clients?

Not yet ( should change for tomorrow if nugget gets to it),
but the plotted data has the deschall blocks added.

as of 23:00 1/26/98 the deschall clients has done:
  425,130.63 GKeys 
yesterdays deschall rate was:
      624.14 MKps

d.n + deschall clients had done:
9,270,658.73 GKeys
   14,670.35 MKps

so the deschall clients are doing about 5% of the total effort/

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