[RC5] ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem) Challenges

GMH13 GMH13 at aol.com
Mon Jan 26 21:06:45 EST 1998

It was posted earlier on this list that Certicom
(http://www.certicom.com/challenge.htm) would be posting a series of
decryption challenges.  Well, one group has already taken on these 
Their address is http://ashpool.hpl.hp.com/~ecc/  I was wondering if d.net
would be attempting these challenges.  The easiest are easier than the 
challenges  we've completed.  Although the Certicom challenges have a 
bit number, they are much easier to crack.  In a few days (with all of our
power) we could win two * $5000 = $10,000.  One of the challenges is worth
$100,000.  I think d.net should look into these challenges since after we
crush DES2, RC5-64 will still take years to complete.  If we don't win the
$10,000, another group will.  And they're already trying.

Greg Hogan
GMH13 at aol.com

PS  I get the digest so I hope no one has sent this information to the 

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