[RC5] simple estimation

SASAKI Taroh taroh at taroh.org
Tue Jan 27 22:48:27 EST 1998

	According to my simple estimation (by 24H diff of %) today,
	we'll reach 100% of keyspace in 65.3 days at worst
	(iff no working machine be down/no machine added).
	That's under 75% of 90 days.  We'll get something.  FYI.

	A record from beginning of the contest:

---  SASAKI, Taroh                   ???          +----------------+
     taroh at taroh.org                  %           |Art,            |
     http://www.taroh.org/~taroh/     *****  **   |  Esthetics and |
PGP key fingerprint:                      ****    |    Philosophy  |
 4C 6A E6 0E D5 A1 DA AC  54 8F 94 E9 E3 F2 9C 08 +----------------+

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