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The Man theman at fallout.nws.net
Mon Jan 26 19:43:46 EST 1998

kmclaurin at akashic.com wrote:

> command line than with an INI file. However, if the INI equivalents can
> be
> documented, I will use them.

	Derek Del Conte and I are working on a project to provide full
documentation for all the clients, including every command-line argument,
.ini option, and configuration menu choice - syntax, meaning, and 
values. Some other goodies as well, such as a quick start guide for Joe 
Jane User. I am nearly finished with a version for the Linux (CLI) client;
when that is complete it should not take long for people with experience
running on other platforms to adapt it to those platforms, as most clients
have similar behavior. If you wish, you may find a preliminary copy at
http://www.fallout.nws.net/dnet-doc/doc-linux.txt. Be aware that it is not
finished and may have bugs.

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