[RC5] Re: Best way to share buffers

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Tue Jan 27 00:33:03 EST 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:
> > What I want to do is have one client run from the buffer files in d:\rc5,
> > instead of c:\rc5, where the client is.  This is not as easy as it seems,
> > because the machines aren't always connected.
>  If they are not always connected, do NOT try to share buffers - unless
> you LIKE complete system hangs and lockups.
>  It sounds like you should be running a proxy server on your '95 machine
> instead, and point the client on the other machine at that proxy server.
>  You CAN run a proxy server and a RC5 or DES client on the same machine.

I could run a proxy server on the host machine (note -- both machines run
'95), but it wouldn't be of much good, as the connection between the two
machines speaks only IPX.  (I have the office set up with the "Direct 
Connection" that comes with '95.  '95 won't route TCP/IP trafic, because
they want you to buy NT.)

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