[RC5] DESChallMac (fat) on my StarMax 3000 can't find any

Edwin ten Dam etd at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Jan 27 10:04:30 EST 1998

Thus spoke the keyboard of Randy Boring (26/01/98):

>I've tried the default configuration file.  I've tried altering the
>keyserver to be us.v27.distributed.net instead of
>deschall.distributed.net, and I've tried rc5.darkstar.net, one of the
>many servers that has worked in the past.  I can communicate on all ports.

I've got it working. Here's what I did:

1. don't change anything in the in DESChallMac.prefs file. Specifically,
*don't* change the keyserver entry. As I understand it, this is a special
address for the deschall clients; the client won't work with the old or 
distributed.net rc5/DESII keyservers or with personal proxies.
2. The prefs file also warns not to put spaces anywhere, maybe you did 
inadvertenly. Maybe the easiest thing to do is to download a clean copy of
DESChallMac_fat.sea, install it into its own folder and see if that works.
Good luck!



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