[RC5] NT Proxy Update

Jason A Bennett jasonb at gfsmortgage.com
Tue Jan 27 10:26:28 EST 1998

Ok, I've gotten the clients to run under a Microsoft v1 proxy, but here's 
what you need to do to duplicate this feat:

1. SOCKS authentication must be turned on at the proxy. Without this, 
nothing will work.
2. You must have the Microsoft proxy client installed

Now, set your client to point to a keyserver on the port that the proxy 
is authenticating. Tell the client
he's clear to communicate on that port (option 5). This should work great.

NOTE: If you log out, the proxy client will go away and you will be 
unable to talk to a keyserver. Stay logged in
unless you just got a big group of keys.


Jason A Bennett -- Gallagher Financial Systems
jasonb at gfsmortgage.com
"And your Windows program requires HOW MUCH memory?"

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