[RC5] losing blocks, losing interest

Clayton Macleod cypress at nanaimo.ark.com
Wed Jan 28 05:02:05 EST 1998

Well, I'm losing two blocks everytime I reboot, whether I manually 
shut down the rc5-64gui client or just let it be killed by windows. 
This is with using the checkpoint file and saving every minute too. 
I'm beginning to wonder what the point of even running it is, if it's 
just going to constantly lose work that I've done simply because I 
reboot my machine. With this rc5-64gui client running on my machine, 
I can pull in 100 blocks a day usually. Even on my day's off work, 
when I tend to play some games, this is, I think, a rather nice 
contribution from one individual. However, with all the seemingly 
easy to fix bugs that I've seen in this client, and especially the 
des-ii clients that I can't even run because of the crashes it 
causes, I'm wondering if I should even bother anymore. I'm sure no 
one is gonna miss me, one person in the project, but I'd like to help 
out. I just don't like seeing my cpu time going to waste like that.
Clayton Macleod
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