Julian Cox CoxJA at august-systems.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 10:49:05 EST 1998

> Hi
> As this (DESII) is time critical, is there anyway in just running
> with DESII, rather than RC5+DESII.  I am running the NT Server 389
> client under NT4 sp3 with 2x166mmx procs, and tried to set the RC5
> in:out to 0:0 and the service failed to start, Dr Watson appeared on
> the scene.
> Cheers

I am running NT4.0 SP3 Workstation on a 2*166mmx Tyan Tomcat 3.  
Processor 0 is running RC5des cli v2.7001.380 and Processor 1 is 
running GUI  v2.7006.388.  Obviousy, each one is set in it's ini to 
only use one processor.  

Start the GUI ver and bring up task manager, you should see roughly
even activity on the processors.  In the Processes tab right click
rc5desgui.exe and go to Set Affinity.  This lets you specify which
processor the task is allowed to use, clear one box.  OK this and
you should see one processor maxed   You can then start the CLI
version and set it to use only the other uP.

Have fun.

Julian Cox
Hardware engineer
August Systems Ltd
CoxJA at august-systems.co.uk              error: smartass.sig not found

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