[RC5] Win32 CLI 391 not checkpointing when using "-hide"

dlmeyer at uiuc.edu dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 28 12:08:11 EST 1998

Just downloaded and installed the new WIN32 CLI 391 client, for my NT SMP
box, and decided to try something the "-hide" option on one of my single
CPU NT workstations.  In the process of setting up and testing, I noted
that despite the CKPOINT2 value being set in both the INI and the
commandline, the client does not create the checkpoint file.  (Can only
confirm under DES, did not check under RC5...)

When client is run without "-hide", checkpointing works normally.

As a result of this, every restart/logoff, at least two blocks are
dropped, as the client is not getting a chance to exit normally and save
blocks back to the in-buffer, either.

As our workstations are regularly switched between OS/2 and NT4, unless
the client checkpointing is fixed, I cannot rollout the NT4 client and
end up dropping that many blocks.  (I currently have 36 PPros that
alternate, going up to 58 in 8-10 days...)


Don Meyer             <dlmeyer at uiuc.edu> 
Network Manager, ACES Academic Computing Facility
UIUC College of ACES, Information Technology and Communication Services

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