[RC5] Whats up with the Pentium 2 code?

ZenCrawler ZenCrawler at aol.com
Wed Jan 28 13:25:55 EST 1998

I run the rc5des client and get around 1.35m kps in regular program mode.
When I run the rc5desgui client in regular program mode i only get around 
however when I down the importance of the rc5desgui client to level 1 
i get
around 1.2m kps. 

so I've settled to run the GUI when I'm workin on the PC and not in 
classes so
I can hear
the quaint bovine MOOOs with each block completion.  and run the CLI 
when It can really benifit from finishing a 1x2^30 block in around 25 
instead of 35 that I get with the GUI.

also while I was watching it this morning i noticed several odd things.  
the backlog of blocks it showed it was working on 3x2^28 block one time 
and a
1x2^29 block another run and a 1x2^30 block after that.   though I do 
it could be because I buffered 1000 blocks instead of the 100 i'd meant to
retrieve that such an odd thing would happen with the inbuffer.   

anyone know why the GUI at a regular program level would only get 800k kps
overall in a 10 hour run with pretty much every program I could close that
took up processor cycles shut down.  while in level 1 niceness it would 
1.2 million


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