[RC5] Win32 CLI 391 and "-hide" -- more...

dlmeyer at uiuc.edu dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 28 15:59:24 EST 1998

Actually, it appears that when you run RC5DES with the "-hide" option
under NT4 workstation (SP3), the client loads the working block and the
waiting block, then enters processing and stops.  This explains why the
checkpoint files do not appear; now why does the processing freeze?

Looking at the Tasklist, specifically the CPU utilization, I note that the
CPU is shared between RC5DES (~60%) and another process named "csrss.exe",
which pulls a widely variable ~40% of CPU time.  The graph shows about 60%
kernel time when "-hide" is used, as opposed to practically no kernel time
when "-hide" is not used.  (All other factors held constant, only
variation is use of "-hide" commandline parameter.)

Does anyone have any ideas?


Don Meyer             <dlmeyer at uiuc.edu> 
Network Manager, ACES Academic Computing Facility
UIUC College of ACES, Information Technology and Communication Services

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