[RC5] losing blocks, losing interest

Cedric Tefft cedric at earthling.net
Thu Jan 29 07:30:51 EST 1998

Clayton Macleod wrote:
> Well, I'm losing two blocks everytime I reboot, whether I manually
> shut down the rc5-64gui client or just let it be killed by windows.

Hmmm... I do remember checking one of the last builds of the RC5-64
client (CLI version) to confirm that it was at least reading its
checkpoint file on startup.  Although previous versions of the client
exhibited the "losing blocks on shutdown" problem, the progress lost
would not ammount to much because the checkpoint file would be read in
again when the client restarted, so you would never lose more than about
five minutes of cracking time.

A couple of questions/ things to check: 

1) Are you using the absolute latest build of the RC5-64 client? Only
the last couple of builds of the RC5-64 clients read their checkpoint
2) Is the the checkpoint file being written, but not read, or is it not
being written at all?
3) Do you experience this problem with the command-line client?
4) Have you specified the full path to your checkpoint file in your .INI
file?  Historically this has been a solution to some Win32 checkpoint

- Cedric

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