[RC5] Re: Hangup on last key?

keichen at ibm.net keichen at ibm.net
Wed Jan 28 20:12:07 EST 1998

I am running both the latest version of the OS2 Gui client and the OS2 
command line client 
over our lan. All the machines are sharing the same in and out buffer 
Everything has been peachy-keen until monday. One of the machines running 
the command 
line version seems to be hung at the end of a 2^30 block. I can shut the 
client down, 
it claims to be saving the block( at 100%) , and when I restart, it will 
pick the block 
back up, and resume at 90%.....R  and just sit there.  The CPU meter is 
pegged, but it 
never seems to finish the block. I have tried restarting the block on 
another machine and 
get the same behavior, with either the GIU or cli. What gives? Could it 
have located THE 
KEY? anyone else see this kind of behavior?

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