[RC5] Still waiting?

Christopher Dickens cdickens at ntr.net
Wed Jan 28 19:38:32 EST 1998

I'm still anxiously awaiting the integration of Rocke's DES bitslicing on
the IRIX version of rc5des.  I am extremely happy that I now have the
choice to even run it, albeit very slowly comparable to my AMD K5-166
running the x86 client.

How much longer do I have to wait??  With the older client, this one did
like three times it's current rate.  As far as running deschall, that
would be wonderful, if the version they are distributing on the clients
page were the bitsliced version since my IP is static, but it runs SLOWER
than the currect rc5des.

Could someone either release the bitslice version of deschall, or get it
into the "rc5des" program quicker?  Thanks!

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