[RC5] Re: Best way to share buffers

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Wed Jan 28 20:51:49 EST 1998

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:
>      You can make a persistent connection to any drive (that is, you can 
>      store its name and automatically reconnect to it at startup) by 
>      clicking the Reconnect At Logon box in the Map Network Drive dialog 
>      box.  Persistent connections are restored to the same drive letter 
>      each time Windows 95 is started.
But they leave off "if the network is running".  But now I see the 

>      This would seem to address the problem you mention.  Furthermore, 
>      SysAgent (in Plus!) could be used to regularly attempt to remount 
> the 
>      Drive (if it just keeps falling off) using a "net use" command.  
>      Something like:
>      net use <drive letter>: \\<Reciptionist's computer's 
> name>\<directory>
Plus isn't on that machine.  (It is an old 486 -- and I don't have a copy 
Plus anyway.)  Also, the net would have to be up-ed...  Which requires 
intervention (sombody needs to hit the "listen" button on the server, and
"connect" on the slave.)

My solution:
Make a simple batch file to up the (internal) net:
start c:\windows\directcc.exe (or whatever it's called)
net use d: "\\reception\\main computer" (which I assume will hang until 
	drive is acatually shared = the connection is up (which takes a couple 
cd \rc5
start c:\rc5\rc5desg

Don't start the client upon startup (isn't all that much time lost -- that
machine is pretty much useless else-wise).  Hope that the client will die
cleanly (or at least not GPF or freeze) when it can't access it's buffers.
(Does anybody know if this is true?)

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