[RC5] The Mac b3 beta client

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Thu Jan 29 13:26:20 EST 1998

I've been getting lots of letters about the 'slowness' of the current 
beta client for the mac.

We *KNOW* that it's slower. We even know why it's slower, I think. This 
is part of why a beta process is done, in the first place: to work out 
the bugs and the kinks.

If you have a full time net connection, and are willing to forego your 
own stats, run the DESCHALL client instead of our current beta. When the 
client is sped up, it will make more sense to switch over because of the 
added features, but until then just run the client that makes sense for 

What surprises me, I guess, is the *antagonism* in some of the private 
letters I've received. As if we're morons for releasing such a "doggedly 
slow" client, or we did it on purpose for some reason. Most people have 
been very understanding about the term "beta client", but to those who 
haven't: don't use this client. It's not worth the pain it's obviously 
causing you.

Now, to everybody else, "Thank You!" for running the tests I requested 
yesterday, they helped both burn in the current code (other than the 
speed problem, very few bugs have been found, Peter DiCamillo (and the 
rest of the mac coding team) is obviously very talented), and made it 
startlingly obvious that the client is, in fact, significantly slower 
than the DESCHALL client.

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