[RC5] Win32 CLI 391 not checkpointing when using "-hide"

dlmeyer at uiuc.edu dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 29 13:07:38 EST 1998

jlawson at hmc.edu wrote:

> On NT you should be using the NT service, not the -hide option or the
> separate hidden version.

Well, it is fairly obvious that the Win95 hidden version is not for use
under NT, given its name.  However, the Win95/NT CLI version, aka WIN32
CLI version gives the direct implication that it is compatible with both
platforms.  Maybe I missed the notice in the doc telling that "-hide"
doesn't work under NT, but the program help output certainly doesn't note
this.  And if this is a hard limitation, it certainly should.

I don't want to be critical.  However, if I had source access
and knowledge of this limit, I would think it fairly simple to code a
runtime check for WIN32 OS, and if NT, disallow the "-hide" parameter if
used.   (Of course, all of this #ifdef'ed for WIN32 if common source...)

As for using the NT service, the assumption that one might make - that
the service is optimal because it runs between logins - does not apply in
our case.  Our machines, when restarted under NT, are always logged in as
soon as started, and rarely logged out except when returning to the
alternate OS.

The CLI with "-hide" is (well, would be...) a much easier client to
automate & update in our environment.  (Read: no messing around
with the NT registry on each machine...)  


Don Meyer             <dlmeyer at uiuc.edu> 
Network Manager, ACES Academic Computing Facility
UIUC College of ACES, Information Technology and Communication Services

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