[RC5] linux rc5des-proxyper

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 29 20:54:02 EST 1998

At 05:34 PM 1/29/98 , Andrew McNabb wrote
| This isn't a major problem, but the Linux rc5 personal proxy seems
to be
| confused about the number of blocks in its buffers.  It counts four for
| every real block.  Has anybody else had this problem?

I'm betting that you're just seeing the result of having different
size blocks in DES.  DES clients can process blocks of 2^28, 2^29,
2^30, and 2^31 keys.  For stats purposes, however, a "block" is
defined as 2^28 keys.  Thus, if your clients request 2^30 blocks (the
default), they're actually processing four 2^28 blocks, which is what
the proxy reports.
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