[RC5] New clients

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Jan 29 19:03:10 EST 1998

Tim Charron (tcharron at interlog.com) wrote:

> New clients available for download...

> rc5des389-sni-mips-cli.tar.gz
> rc5des391-aix4-ppc.gz

I really appreciate seeing the announcements of the clients here, but
I'd like to make a small request.  It would be really nice to include
the first few sections of the Readme.txt file (the change log) along
with these announcements so that we know what's been added, and whether
we should bother upgrading.

As long as I'm here... I upgraded to 391 on my fastest system today,
since I happened to see it there.  I forgot to wait until the current
block finished, though, so I lost over 94% of a (2^30) block. :-(  Would
it be possible *not* to obliterate all the work that's been done on a
partial block when an upgrade is performed?  It really seems to serve
no purpose that I (as a mere end-user) can see.

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