[RC5] Re: <no subject>

Kevin J. Rice dragon at execpc.com
Wed Jan 28 22:57:12 EST 1998

>> I use the w95 cli to fetch buffers, again -bin2 and the -ckpoint2 option 
>> to combine these new buffers with the old partial ones.

>Would you care to explain this one closer? Is there really a way to 
>merge buffer files? Until today I believed it was impossible (was 
>told so by one of the developers on IRC back in the days of v2.640x)

An even easier way to combine in buffers is to rename one of them as
ckpoint.des (or ckpoint.rc5 for an RC5 block) and run the client.  It will
say "recovered XXX blocks from the checkpoint file" and combine it with
your current buff-in files.  Someone posted this method during the rc5-56
contest, saying it was an undocumented feature, and a way to get a larger
in-buffer then the limit on some of the clients.  Someone was going on
vacation for a month and didn't want the client running for weeks
generating random blocks after it exhausted the in-buffer after a few 
I successfully combined 5 buff-in.des buffers this way.

Kevin J. Rice

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