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Jo Hermans Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be
Fri Jan 30 14:00:27 EST 1998

At 07:03 PM 1/29/98 -0500, Greg Wooledge wrote:
>As long as I'm here... I upgraded to 391 on my fastest system today,
>since I happened to see it there.  I forgot to wait until the current
>block finished, though, so I lost over 94% of a (2^30) block. :-(  Would
>it be possible *not* to obliterate all the work that's been done on a
>partial block when an upgrade is performed?  It really seems to serve
>no purpose that I (as a mere end-user) can see.

I don't have any problem with that. Just make sure that you stop the
current server, install the new one in the same directory, make sure that
you use the correct ini-file (the same one, rename if necessary), and fire
up the new client. Piece of cake.

I upgraded my clients already 4 times (Sun, SGI, Winblows NT and Linux),
and the only problem that I can see is that the new client sometimes has a
different name, which means that you have to rename the old ini-file.

For those administrators who have a lot of Winblows NT workstations with
the service-version : the easiest way to manage them is with 'Server
Manager'. Install the client in a shared directory (make it hidden, so
users don't see them), so you can always change the .ini-file or replace
the service directly. If you're sure that the executable has exactly the
same name and location as the previous version (rc5desrv.exe fo instance),
then you can stop the client, replace the executable and start it again.
You don't need to use -uninstall or -install, so you don't need to go to
the computer in person. This is very easy when you're not in the same
building or when you can't touch the computer physically. Ofcourse, UNIX 
even easier, but that's another subject.

In fact, my boss doesn't even know that his computer is participating with
RC5/DES. I only had to enter his office once to install the service, and
now I don't have to do even that anymore :)

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