[RC5] Error codes

Antoine Delvaux Antoine.Delvaux at atess.bel.alcatel.be
Fri Jan 30 10:18:19 EST 1998


Is it really impossible to know the meaning of the network error codes 
by the cli clients ?

I've get the rc5des running for 10 days and during the last two days, I
continualy get network errors (3/0 and 23/0) but I didn't change 
anything.  So I
don't know if this problem is caused by a misconfiguration of the client, 
HTTP proxy being down or the keyserver unreachable.  I've upgraded my 
client to the 390 version, maybe is it a bug in this client...

Do anyone knows ?


Antoine Delvaux
Alcatel Bell - ATeSS Belgium
Antoine.Delvaux at atess.bel.alcatel.be
++32 (0)2 718 76 31

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