[RC5] news on web pages

Randy McCaskill rmccask at comm-data.com
Fri Jan 30 11:35:32 EST 1998

Would you people please quit alternating between putting the new news on
the http://www.distributed.net/des/news.html and
http://www.distributed.net/rc5/news.html web pages. It is silly to have
to check both every time when all the news is des related right now.

My first version of this letter didn't appear after a few days so I am
resending it.  Someone should also modify
http://www.distributed.net/lists/ since it describes this mailing list as
"an open mailing list".


Randy McCaskill
rmccask at comm-data.com              ! Poodle... The other white meat.
http://www.comm-data.com/~rmccask/ !   -- Sherman's Lagoon

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