[RC5] New clients

Dysart, Derek DYSD1 at Aerial1.com
Fri Jan 30 10:36:42 EST 1998

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> From: 	Jo Hermans[SMTP:Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be]
> For those administrators who have a lot of Winblows NT workstations
> with
> the service-version : the easiest way to manage them is with 'Server
> Manager'. Install the client in a shared directory (make it hidden, so
> users don't see them), so you can always change the .ini-file or
> replace
> the service directly. If you're sure that the executable has exactly
> the
> same name and location as the previous version (rc5desrv.exe fo
> instance),
> then you can stop the client, replace the executable and start it
> again.
> You don't need to use -uninstall or -install, so you don't need to go
> to
> the computer in person. This is very easy when you're not in the same
> building or when you can't touch the computer physically. Ofcourse,
> is even easier, but that's another subject.
Another method is to change the ImagePath value in the registry key
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\bovrc5nt. This is the binary
image the service control manager uses to run the service.  With
regedt32, you can connect to

> In fact, my boss doesn't even know that his computer is participating
> with
> RC5/DES. I only had to enter his office once to install the service,
> and
> now I don't have to do even that anymore :)
This is REALLY risky.  As Nugget has pointed out on this list, people
have lost their jobs for stuff like this.  You should only run the
client on machines you have express permission to do so (and if you do,
let this be a warning to others).  It would be much better for your boss
to find out about the client running on his machine from you then for
him to find out another way.

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