[RC5] February 4,1998

Aaron Cannon cannona at poboxes.com
Thu Jan 29 21:49:48 EST 1998

On Feb. 4 at 21:00 PST the opertunity to clame the $10,000 from RSA will
have past.  That's why it is important that all of the clients flush there
blocks frequently around and especially before that date.  It would be a
good idea to do a big flush of all of your buff-out files on Feb. 3 so if
we have found the key the folks at Distributed Net will have a chance to
report it in time.  This of course won't apply to those of us who flush
offten, but if you have any old machines that are still working on 1000
blocks that they got at the beginning of the contest it would probably be
a good idea to flush them.  Just in case.

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