[RC5] We've got to get moving on DESII

Daniel Baker dbaker at wrangler.cuckoo.com
Fri Jan 30 00:41:23 EST 1998

Grettings All,

Now is the time to start a big push on DES II. we've been
cracking for 16 days now on this effort and we've only chcked 17.7%
of the keyspace. Right now, we're checking about 1.9% of the keyspace
each day.  We've only got a few more days, so we've got to at least
double that.

We all need to come togther and prove that distributed.net is a powerful
and dynamic distributed computing organization and that we can do anything
when we set our minds ...err.. CPUs to it. We all understand how 
upgrading the 
clients on all the machines you have access to are a pain. But, it's 
necessary that we all do it, and quickly.

We can do this in the 22.5 day limit. We just need to have a big push 
the end, which is right now.

So, how about we all help the effort in one way tomorrow by either:

1) Upgrade the client on a machine that's running v2.64xx currently.
2) Find ONE machine to put the client on.
3) Tell ONE person about distributed.net.

If you've upgraded all the machines you have access to, and you're running
the client everyone, you can still tell one person about it. Just mention
the URL. If everyone took action on one of those three options, our 
keyrate would
jump up from 4000 or 5000 million keys a second, which is about 1/3rd of 
speed now.

Remember, every 486 does count. Every little bit helps more than most 
would think.



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