[RC5] SCO ?

Wayne Collins wayncoll at enoreo.on.ca
Fri Jan 30 13:00:33 EST 1998

On Thursday, January 29, 1998 11:21 AM, Igor Bilyi 
[SMTP:igor at monetplus.cz] 
> 2.7* SCO client ?

The des core is currently available as assembler source in a non-gnu 
format, and in object form that the SCO linker is unhappy with (even with 
the various converters available). The gnu linker solves this problem for 
the other x86 platforms, but is not available for SCO. A few of the 
we have at this point are:

1) Find/build the gnu linker for SCO. If you have one, let me know...this 
is non-trivial. SCO now ships its linker free with the OS to permit the 
of third-party development systems (like gnu).
2) Build the generic des core. This would be slow, but is a possibility. 
I'd rather focus on building a full speed des core but if I receive a 
number of requests (by email ;-) I will build and post the slow version.
3) Translate the x86 des core to gnu-happy format (AT&T format). There 
three of us trying different methods to perform this translation...it 
happen but I'm not sure if it will happen before the key is found.

Wayne Collins
Education Network of Ontario
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