[RC5] Re: Blocks

Anssi Saari as at cs.tut.fi
Sat Jan 31 14:41:16 EST 1998

In article <199801261542.KAA31317 at chipsworld.llamas.net>,
Kevin van Haaren <KvanHaaren at HNTB.com> wrote:
:>When your computer checks a block, it reports back that it did 2 blocks
:>(of whatever size).  So someone doing a 2^28 block, reports back a 2^29
:>check.  A 2^30 block reports back a 2^31 block.  2^31 is 4 times a 2^29.

This is trivial and irrelevant. Nugget said "As far as the stats are
concerned, a "block" is a single 2**28 block." 

Anssi Saari - as at cs.tut.fi

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