[RC5] To slice or not to slice for SuperSPARC

TwinTowers || rc5crack at kuala-lumpur.inet-one.com
Sat Jan 31 14:42:52 EST 1998

In build 390, there are four different binaries for Solaris platform, 


I understand the "mt" differences. But what about the "slice" part,
especially for SuperSPARC? Can a "slice" run on a SuperSPARC, which is
32-bit? I thought "slice" version is only for UltraSPAR. But when I
benchmarked both "slice" and "noslice" on a SuperSPARC, they ran fine but
gave very different rates. "Slice" version achieved 247Kkeys/s whereas
"noslice" only 89Kkeys/s. The strange thing is, the "slice" version 
displayed the progress meter up to "50%." and immediately terminated with 
the key rate.

TwinTowers ||

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