[RC5] P4 Speed Question

Ferry van Steen td at salesint.com
Wed Jan 7 18:18:20 EST 1998

although i reply quite a bit myself since I think these discussions are very
interesting for learning purposes etc I will have to agree with you simply
becuz this mailinglist was not intended for these discussion. I will stop
replying. If anyone has a list where we can discuss this stuff as much as we
want let me know :-)



Can we please put an end to this thread?

The Linux users have done a great job making the Windows users feel
inferior.  The AMD users have convinced us that rooting for the underdog
is a noble trait.  The Windows users have pointed out all the important
shortcomings of open source development.  The folks interested in
talking about distributed.net have all unsubscribed.  Not a single
person has changed their mind.

Lets quit before someone hauls out the GPL for debate.

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