[RC5] sounds like 640k

Raymond Tant raytant at netten.net
Sat Jul 18 01:49:09 EDT 1998


>       “I could easily see a situation where someone could do this as a
science >project in five or six years,” said John Gilmore, co-founder of the
EFF. But such an >attack with a single machine would not work on the much
stronger Triple DES >algorithm, used in many banking networks, he added.

 >      “At 90 bits of key, it begins to get tough to do this type of crack.
At 120 bits of >key, it’s pretty much impossible,” Gilmore said.

Maybe this week......
(Nothing is impossible)

Granted I  know thats one hellava keyspace, but all it takes is 4 of those
machines now....
lets see - 250,000 to break des-ii-2????    If someone uses 120 bits to
encrypt their data and someone wants their data - it is worth 1,000,000 to
build 4 of those machines....

Sadam has more than 1 million.....
(but he can save his money - we probally leak more though CNN than we do
anyplace else.)

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