[RC5] Solutions for a faster DES-II-3

Tony Li tli at juniper.net
Fri Jul 31 15:54:14 EDT 1998

IKoulchine at aol.com writes:

> And what happens? Everyone starts asking for the message at the same moment.
> Result? The servers are completely overloaded(we would have what, 30000+
> computers trying to get the message simultaneously?) and we are looking at a
> potential crash that would delay us even longer. I'm no expert on this, but as
> far as I know, the way it is now is at least the clients aren't all trying to
> retrieve the blocks at once and the servers have a chance of surviving.
> Given the number of machines working on this, personally, I don't think it's
> possible to completely switch projects in less than a day unles someone can
> come up with something completely new, and even then it'd probably still take
> 5 hours or so.

You're correct that the current distribution hierarchy cannot scale to
support tens of thousands of nodes querying the small number of central
proxies that we have today.

A more scaleable design, in which there were multiple levels of hierarchy,
coupled with the ability of the root to push the ciphertext would suffice
to distribute the ciphertext to all nodes in under one minute.

Yes, this would require a major architectural change to d.net.


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